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Friday, September 29, 2006

The Long Road Ahaed

When Trinity was 3 years old she told us that she was going to Hollywood. Well, she just completed her first offical job. She was chosen by Apple Computers, out of about 70 other children to be a part of a thier new ad. She was so excited. It was a 2 days photo shoot on a huge ranch. It was just playing and pretend camping. What could be better for a 6 years old? Her picture will adore the Apple Stores and their website. So keep a look out for our little Trin. I guess this could be a start to a long road ahead of us and alot of time in the car.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Our House

There are rare times is life when you can relive life. For me I feel like I am reliving my childhood with my children. When I was 6 years old we moved into the Hoffman house and I lived there till the day I got married. I spent many years here and the walls have so many memories. After getting married I still spent alot of time here with my children spending time with there grandparents. As God would have it, my parents had to move and the owners of the house offered us the house to buy. We weren't sure at first... a little aprehensive, I guess. Well, now as of August 7, 2006, we now own the Hoffman house. Many of you might think how korny or sentimental.. but if you think about it how many people can look at a scratch on the wall or a painted basement of their first house and tell their children that you put it there. In our house every room already has a story to tell and I can't wait to see what other stories we will make here together.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I am happy to say that the weather is changing. The clouds are out and the tiniest bit of rain is falling into my much used, but soon retired swimming pool. I always like when the weather changes. I'm not one for extremes. I don't like it hot or cold but I love the clouds the first few weeks of fall and I love the mild sunshine the first few weeks of spring. We have had horrible fires here these last few weeks and I think it is Gods way of giving those firefighters a well needed well as the rest of us from all our smoke filled homes. God always has a way of working things out. I'll I can think today is to thank Him for the changes..

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My New Friend

I've had many friends in my life and I'm blessed enough to have had older friend who have helped me grow as a wife and a mother.. You know who you are.. but some of you may not so .. thank you Kaye and Kristin !! I have in turn been asking God to give me that same opportunity. He gave me Colleen!! My new friend is the NEW Mrs. Northey! She was married to Casey this August and is now will soon be my next door neighbor. I couldn't be more excited. God not only gave me her, but He gave Harold a friend in Casey. They are both wonderful and love me children like their own. I can wait to be the Kaye or Kristin to her. It has always meant so much to me.. Hopefully I can take on this new challenge and do as well of a job. Hope I don't mess up!.. Love you Colleen!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The baby? Can he still be called that?

Our Boy.. Zion will greet you with a "YO" each morning these days, with an occasional "Yo Dude." Ever wonder why 2 years olds don't rule the world. In our house Zion thinks he's king. A favorite past time is wrestling his siblings, which typically turns into him being a bully. My sister once wrote about boys vs. girls and in Zions case I totally agree with her. Although he will sit and let his sister put makeup on him, totally not knowing whats going on when his dad freaks out and his mother is rolling with laughter. Yes, our house is a zoo but it just wouldn't be as fun if it wasn't.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The lady of the house

Trinity is known far and wide for being dramatic, but being her mother I see all sorts of different sides of her. I have never met a more caring person in all me life. She is not your typical 6 year old. Being the girl that she is she does enjoy her share of makeup and dolls but she really cares about people and their well-being. On the top of her dresser in her room sits her piggy bank, full of tooth fairy change and allowance for doing a special chore here and there. When I ask her what she plans to do woth her money ahe simple tells me..." It's for the people who need it. You know there are starving people out in the world, don't you? Well they need my help." I don't think that is something that can be argued. Trinity is one in a million and I have never had a better example of kindness. I bet I will learn alot from her... good and bad.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Little Men

Kids grow so fast. One minute they are putting then in you arms for the first time and the next they are waving goodbye to you as they walk away from you with their friends to the playground. I was o.k with this the first day of school. Noah is in the 3rd grade and we have been here before, but getting into my car after he was out of my sight I realized the Noah is in 3rd grade!! How did that happen? When I ask Noah how I'm doing as his mom he just tells me in his Eeyore voice.." You are doing fine mom, I'm not messed up." He's not a baby anymore... How will I ever survive High School graduation?