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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Halloween 2006

I can't believe that Halloween already come and is gone now. The holidays are right around the corner.This year Noah decided to be Davy Jones.This of course was not as easy to find as you may think... but it finally came together.

Trinity of course had to come up with something totally random so when she saw a picture of a sumo wrestler she absolutely knew what to be. So my sweet little princess was sumo wrestler this year.

Then Zion... he's still getting to know this weird holiday but gladly decided to settle on Woody or " hoo ha" as he is affectionally called around our house. He just wasn't big on wearing the hat.. it was too small for the LaPera head. Oh well what can you do.
So a late Happy Halloweeen to you all... From the LaPera house.


Blogger kddub said...

Great costumes, Trinity is so funny. Zion looks older! Even blue said, when we were just looking at these pictures, "Zion growed up!"

5:17 AM  

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